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Ideas from Europe Ideas from Europe
03 Mar 2015
It’s always interesting to scan the globe and see what ideas and innovations are taking place outside of Australia. Here are a couple of products we noticed from an inventive company in Sweden; we hope this interpretation (or rather Google’s translation) from Swedish to English does them justice. The company Jafo ( is well-known in the drainage systems market in the Scandinavian region.
Sucking it in Sucking it in
03 Mar 2015
Vacuum toilets are not foreign to most; however, the installation and servicing practices that are associated with them probably are. Jeff Patchell explains that this is about to change.
Set out to be Accurate Set out to be Accurate
03 Mar 2015
Technology plays a vital role in bridging the gap between the office and the construction site and the MEP industry is seeing great benefits in moving towards BIM. Justin Felix spoke with David Grant of SurePoint Australia to find out more about digital layout solutions.
Handy Water Heaters Handy Water Heaters
02 Mar 2015
Being water-wise doesn’t just revolve around the notion of using less. We must also take into consideration, the amount of energy used to heat it. Plumbing Connection, in conjunction with five point-of-use water heater suppliers, examine the market and why plumbers should consider these handy water heaters.
What’s Cold is Hot again What’s Cold is Hot again
02 Mar 2015
Heated wastewater can be recovered and re-used to pre-heat the inlet to shower heads, offering considerable savings on energy consumption. Justin Felix speaks with three shower heat recovery developers to discover how their systems can save money and valuable resources.
Safety in the Palm of your Hand Safety in the Palm of your Hand
02 Mar 2015
A Tassie plumber has developed a smartphone app that aims to make reporting health and safety issues a breeze. Callum Fitzpatrick reports.
Fleetmatics Integrates with MYOB AccountRight Fleetmatics Integrates with MYOB AccountRight
01 Mar 2015
Fleetmatics Group, a global provider of mobile workforce solutions for service-based businesses of all sizes delivered as software-as-a-service, last week announced the release of new features in its mobile field service management solution, Fleetmatics WORK™.
One Bottle at a Time
15 Feb 2015
Justin Felix caught up with a recent year 12 graduate to find out about a school project that aims to increase water consumption while reducing the amount of plastic that ends in landfill.
10 Tips to help you enjoy your 2015 visit to ISH 10 Tips to help you enjoy your 2015 visit to ISH
20 Jan 2015
Jeff Patchell has attended the world’s greatest plumbing event 10 times over the past 25 years and if you’ve always wanted to go, he suggests you make 2015 the year to do it.
Streamlined Convenience Streamlined Convenience
30 Nov 2014
A Melbourne-based designer has developed an attractive and practical solution to the often unsightly bath and shower combo. Justin Felix reports.
Stacked & Ready Stacked & Ready
30 Nov 2014
Economical drainage of high-rise buildings can be a tricky task to achieve, however the Sovent fittings from Geberit aim to do just that. Justin Felix reports.
Form Following Function Form Following Function
30 Nov 2014
Caroma’s latest bathroom range has been recognised and rewarded with two prestigious design awards. Justin Felix caught up with Dr Steve Cummings to discover more about the successful collaboration between Caroma and Industrial Designer Marc Newson.
World Plumbing Council Unveils Research Database World Plumbing Council Unveils Research Database
30 Nov 2014
The World Plumbing Council (WPC), an international organisation dedicated to developing and promoting the image and standards of the plumbing industry worldwide, is proud to announce the availability of a research database on its website.
Eating away the waste Eating away the waste
11 Sep 2014
A new technology for commercial kitchens increases the efficiency of wastewater disposal and relieves pressure on wastewater treatment plants and pumping stations. Callum Fitzpatrick reports.
Sparkling Water: The new cool for plumbers Sparkling Water: The new cool for plumbers
11 Sep 2014
Sparkling water has long been associated with fancy glass bottles imported from foreign countries but Zip has made it available directly from a tap. If you’re looking for a new product to add some sparkle in your customer’s homes, this might just be the answer. Justin Felix reports.