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Repair pipes with no excavation Repair pipes with no excavation
08 Aug 2014
The concept is simple, rehabilitating degraded underground and internal pipes without digging them up. From residential to commercial and industrial or high-rise buildings, it makes no difference, Nuflow can repair pipes utilising the latest technologies in potable approved epoxy resins.
The water margin The water margin
18 Jul 2014
Aquamonitor provides plumbers with an added-value to their service and allows consumers to accurately measure their water consumption. Jonathan Jackson speaks with Andrew Stewart about the need for a water monitoring device in a climate in which attitudes towards water conservation are changing rapidly.
Air force one Air force one
18 Jul 2014
Traditional flow restrictors work by simply reducing flow and pressure, however that is all about to change with the Felton Oxijet™, which uses flow energy to draw air into the water stream.
From tragedy to triumph From tragedy to triumph
18 Jul 2014
Alex John, a plumber for 16 years has introduced a new, unique and all-Australian flexible, extendable and reusable silicone nozzle onto the market.
Hand dryers - not just hot hair Hand dryers - not just hot hair
18 Jul 2014
Hand dryers were previously the domain of the electrician, but Dyson has cleverly integrated a dryer into a tap fitting, meaning plumbers need to come to grips with the technology too. Callum Fitzpatrick reports.
A new funding solution A new funding solution
18 Jul 2014
Business owners now have a flexible rent, buy, own option to finance equipment and preserve cash in the business with Go Getta. Kevin Mark tells Plumbing Connection all about it.
Setting the right trap Setting the right trap
18 Jul 2014
Many companies who manufacture sinks look more into the design than the functionality, but one Sydney manufacturer has developed a sink that is also a trade waste solution.
Pipe Clamps for Specialist Applications Pipe Clamps for Specialist Applications
17 Jul 2014
Ideas from Europe Ideas from Europe
08 Jul 2014
It’s always interesting to scan the globe and see what ideas and innovations are taking place outside of Australia. Here are a couple of products we noticed from an inventive company in Sweden; we hope this interpretation (or rather Google’s translation) from Swedish to English does them justice. The company jafo ( is well-known in the drainage systems market in the Scandinavian region.
Stiebel Eltron DHCE Series Stiebel Eltron DHCE Series
08 Jul 2014
Instantaneous electric water heating specialist, Stiebel Eltron, is excited to announce the release of the newest addition to its single-phase electric instantaneous hot water range, the electronically controlled DHCE series.
Digital Management Tool Digital Management Tool
06 Mar 2014
JobStream Total Workflow Solutions is a powerful internet-based management tool.
The new alternative to concrete manholes The new alternative to concrete manholes
06 Mar 2014
Plumb Guard Safety Alarm Plumb Guard Safety Alarm
26 Feb 2014
Plumb Guard is designed to detect potentially dangerous voltages caused by either bad or missing earth points and leaky mains wiring on customer’s premises or if an under road borer drills through any power cables.
26 Feb 2014
Founded by engineers, PAFtec understands that respiratory protection should be comfortable, safe and easy to use.
Handy Water Heaters Handy Water Heaters
24 Feb 2014
Being water-wise doesn’t just revolve around the notion of using less. We must also take into consideration, the amount of energy used to heat it. Plumbing Connection, in conjunction with five point-of-use water heater suppliers, examine the market and why plumbers should consider these handy water heaters.