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2014 Backflow Prevention Conference Success
20 Jan 2015
Life's a Pitch Life's a Pitch
11 Jan 2015
How can plumbers and contractors work smarter to deliver more cost-efficient roofing solutions that add margin and put a smile on their customers’ faces? Peter Coll of interline roofing shares some valuable specification and installation ideas, that raise the important issue of pitch
How to avoid critical Mistakes in sampling water for legionella
10 Dec 2014
Taking on an Apprentice? Consider this... Taking on an Apprentice? Consider this...
01 Dec 2014
Employing an apprentice today is probably quite different from when you were doing your trade. David Neyle explains what you must do to prepare your business for a 21st century trainee.
Hot Water Clinic: Overcoming Common Problems Hot Water Clinic: Overcoming Common Problems
30 Nov 2014
A big part of Jon Palfrey’s role as Rheem Australia’s Training Manager involves the training of plumbers and specifiers across the southern states of the country. This regular contact with the industry means that Jon is in a suitable position to explain some of the latest water heater technologies and key water heating issues facing plumbers on a daily basis. His first column sheds light on four key areas that he regularly fields questions about.
Understanding Backflow Prevention - Education is the Key
05 Nov 2014
Peter Mclennan believes that the more we can educate people on the importance of backflow prevention, the better.
Training More Tradies Training More Tradies
07 Oct 2014
A Plumber learning new skills A Plumber learning new skills
11 Sep 2014
“Plumber”, Australia’s first hand transplant recipient, has found a new lease on life. Ian Kenins reports.
Training on the Go Training on the Go
08 Aug 2014
Gone are the days when utility companies employed and trained hundreds of apprentices and invested/supported training infrastructure.
Hand dryers - not just hot hair Hand dryers - not just hot hair
18 Jul 2014
Hand dryers were previously the domain of the electrician, but Dyson has cleverly integrated a dryer into a tap fitting, meaning plumbers need to come to grips with the technology too. Callum Fitzpatrick reports.
A Time for Revision A Time for Revision
10 Jun 2014
Safety Guidelines for Plumbers Safety Guidelines for Plumbers
15 May 2014
Plumbing Industry Guide to Safety 2014 – Released
Plumbing Supply Forum Plumbing Supply Forum
05 Mar 2014
Building Australia’s future: The verdict Building Australia’s future: The verdict
19 Feb 2014
The recent Building Australia’s Future conference once again had a successful turnout, with the inclusion of dedicated plumbing streams alongside the extensive building program well-received among attendees. Dimi Kyriakou gives an overview of the event.
Safety in the Palm of your Hand Safety in the Palm of your Hand
19 Feb 2014
A Tassie plumber has developed a smartphone app that aims to make reporting health and safety issues a breeze. Callum Fitzpatrick reports.