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Lead Free - An Australian Perspective Lead Free - An Australian Perspective
10 Jun 2014
Reaching the Vertical Limits Reaching the Vertical Limits
19 Feb 2014
Are vertical farms the way forward for food manufacture and water conservation? Jonathan Jackson examines the rise of vertical farms and their importance to the future.
Malco Drip Edge Tool Malco Drip Edge Tool
18 Feb 2014
The Malco Drip Edge Folding Tool is now available in two lengths.
World Plumbing Day 2013 gets bigger World Plumbing Day 2013 gets bigger
27 May 2013
The world celebrated World Plumbing Day on 11 March 11 and there was much fanfare across all nations from the UK to Australia and the US to Africa.
New product promotes customer relationships New product promotes customer relationships
27 Mar 2013
Flood Buzz™ Pro is an easy-to-use, low-cost, patent-pending, loud and effective water leak alarm designed to help mitigate damage caused by water leaks and to serve as a key marketing tool for plumbing contractors.
Turn your gutters into art Turn your gutters into art
25 Feb 2013
A new technology developed in the US transforms gutters into decorative features, and provides a new way for roof plumbers to upsell to consumers. Callum Fitzpatrick explains.
MaP Testing Expands To List ‘PREMIUM’ Water-Efficient Products
11 Nov 2012
MaP Testing has announced the development of a new PREMIUM label for the highest performing water-efficient products.
Eliminating resource waste Eliminating resource waste
13 Sep 2012
Presented against the backdrop of a national election that will no doubt shape the future of the construction industry and its products, the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) and the World Plumbing Council (WPC) recently convened the third Emerging Technology Symposium.
Toilets cause damage
28 Aug 2012
A faulty flushing system in toilets in Cincinatti are behind 304 explosions in that city.
Fostering a safer warehouse environment through visual communications
28 Aug 2012
Is your warehouse safe? Not likely, according to OSHA, who cite forklifts, electrical wiring methods and guarding floor and wall openings and holes among the hazards most frequently cited in warehouse operations.
Drainline transport of waste Drainline transport of waste
26 Jun 2012
John Koeller, the principal of Koeller and Company offers a comparison between washdown and siphonic toilets.
World Plumbing Day: The best yet
25 Mar 2012
As March 11 every year, everywhere becomes a significant day supporting plumbing and plumbers around the world, there can be little doubt that the 2012 celebrations of World Plumbing Day proved another great success.
World Plumbing Day Twitter Challenge
07 Feb 2012
It is just over a month to World Plumbing Day, March 11, every year, everywhere, and the World Plumbing Council want all their members and and staff on board supporting this day around the World.
Dealing with drain contamination Dealing with drain contamination
01 Feb 2012
A US study has found that plumbing systems may be a cause of human infection.
World Plumbing Day 2012 World Plumbing Day 2012
31 Jan 2012
The world's children have been invited to submit posters to represent World Plumbing Day 2012.