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A Plumber learning new skills A Plumber learning new skills
11 Sep 2014
“Plumber”, Australia’s first hand transplant recipient, has found a new lease on life. Ian Kenins reports.
Ladies don't want broken tradies Ladies don't want broken tradies
11 Sep 2014
With tradies ranking third in the sexiest jobs scale according to, it’s easy for Aussie tradies to think they are not only ‘hot’ but also indestructible.
In case of emergency In case of emergency
18 Jul 2014
The Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) is building a unique emergency services learning and training facility. Head Contractor on the project, Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd, has engaged Geschke Plumbing to oversee the installation of the rainwater and gas facilities. Jonathan Jackson speaks with one of Geschke Plumbing’s directors, Gareth Dickson about the challenges ahead in this important project.
Coming out of a bad cold Coming out of a bad cold
18 Jul 2014
Having been involved in the plumbing industry for 46 years and in a family business with 70 plus years involvement it was a natural progression to become involved in design and consultation writes Peter Jackson.
From tragedy to triumph From tragedy to triumph
18 Jul 2014
Alex John, a plumber for 16 years has introduced a new, unique and all-Australian flexible, extendable and reusable silicone nozzle onto the market.
Lead Free - An Australian Perspective Lead Free - An Australian Perspective
10 Jun 2014
When Mixed Material Pipe Systems Collide
24 Feb 2014
There are some significant issues in the market place affecting the performance of PP-R pipe systems in combination with copper in hot water recirculation systems. Jonathan Jackson speaks with hydraulic consultant David Steblina about those issues and how they can be worked around.
Where is Australia at with Backflow Prevention? Where is Australia at with Backflow Prevention?
19 Feb 2014
Peter McLennan, Secretary of the Backflow Prevention Association of Australia Inc., explains why he is concerned by the lack of resources dedicated to maintaining the protection of Australian drinking water.
Sucking it in Sucking it in
18 Feb 2014
Vacuum toilets are not foreign to most; however, the installation and servicing practices that are associated with them probably are. This is about to change.
A Worthy Investment A Worthy Investment
18 Feb 2014
CoINVEST administers the compulsory long service leave scheme for the construction industry – an initiative that allowed Dan Kennedy to realise a life-long dream.
World Plumbing Council Report World Plumbing Council Report
27 May 2013
The plumbing industry has been busy in the last few months, here's a wrap of what the World Plumbing Council (WPC) has been up to.
The story of ‘Pippy’, Pipe Perfection’s Morris J Van The story of ‘Pippy’, Pipe Perfection’s Morris J Van
27 Mar 2013
Ask any plumber and he’ll tell you they stumble across all sorts of things as they visit their customers. That’s how Darren Clancy came up with the idea of restoring a J Van and using it to market his plumbing business.
Leaders search for common ground Leaders search for common ground
25 Feb 2013
More than 60 people from all facets of the plumbing and mechanical industries attended a backflow industry symposium on February 12-13 at IAPMO World Headquarters West that sought to promote discussion and look for solutions on the challenges facing the cross-connection industry today.
Waterless toilet research
22 Oct 2012
Research sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation aims to look into ways to build a waterless toilet for regions lacking sanitation.
50 Shades of Grey Water Plumbing 50 Shades of Grey Water Plumbing
06 Sep 2012 is leading a global exchange of innovative ideas, onsite experiences and best practice when it comes to managing and implementing grey water systems.