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World toilet summit
03 Aug 2010
For the first time ever, the World Toilet Summit will take place in the United States. This annual event brings together key global leaders in the sanitation and water arena to discuss and learn about innovations and business opportunities surrounding the global sanitation crisis that affects 40% of the world’s population.
CIB symposium comes to Sydney
28 Jul 2010
The 36th International Symposium of CIB W062 on Water Supply and Drainage for Buildings will be held from 8-10 November in Sydney, Australia.
Geberit's new growth phase Geberit's new growth phase
27 Jul 2010
Geberit has big plans for their Asia Pacific operation. Jonathan Jackson spoke with Geberit Asia Pacific CEO Michael Schumacher about market penetration, education and the new Shanghai head office.
The Plumber from Nantucket
27 Jul 2010
Here’s a story from the United States of America that serves as a warning for all plumbers, no matter where they are from.
Plumbing Supply Forum 2010 Plumbing Supply Forum 2010
27 Jul 2010
The 2010 Plumbing Supply Forum lived up to its reputation as the ‘meeting place’ for Australasian plumbing manufacturers and merchants.
The world's biggest sustainable Expo The world's biggest sustainable Expo
16 Jun 2010
With the theme “Better City, Better Life”, the biggest World Expo in the history ever, is currently taking place in Shanghai, China. The Expo began 1 May and will finish 31 October and will host approximately 70 million people.
Geberit opens head office in Asia Pacific Geberit opens head office in Asia Pacific
15 Jun 2010
The new Geberit Asia Pacific headquarters opened in style on 27 May, 2010 with a full Chinese ceremony and a great deal of hope for the future in this burgeoning region.
Wastewater breakthroughs in China Wastewater breakthroughs in China
15 Jun 2010
Two years ago, scientists from around the world predicted that China would be leading the way in ‘toilet-to-tap” technology. Under the guidance of Professor Siqing Xia of Tongji University, those predictions have come true. Jonathan Jackson spoke with Professor Xia about the implementation of the technology and further research.
World Plumbing Council meets in Sydney World Plumbing Council meets in Sydney
28 Mar 2010
The World Plumbing Council came to Australia in March to not only discuss the importance of World Plumbing Day, but to discuss global plumbing initiatives in the face of changing social attitudes.
World Plumbing Day shines World Plumbing Day shines
28 Mar 2010
With the theme Plumbing-Vital to Global Health, plumbing organisations throughout the world undertook a range of activities – under the guise of World Plumbing Day – with the aim of raising awareness of the important role played by today’s plumbing industry.
The sub-continent - an exciting growth prospect
28 Mar 2010
While exhibitions and conferences across most business sectors of Europe, North America and South East Asia are struggling to recover from the effects of the global financial crisis, the Indian market is a far different situation.
North American Plumbing Industry and the GFC
28 Mar 2010
BRG Consult released a special edition of their monthly bathroom newsletter for the North American bathroom industry titled "Is There a Recovery Out There?" According to BRG all indications speak for a strong recovery in 2010. The following is an excerpt from the report written by Victor Post, the Vice President and Head of the Building Products Group for BRG Consult, with regard to the plumbing industry.
World Plumbing Day 2010 World Plumbing Day 2010
23 Feb 2010
The first ever World Plumbing Day is to be celebrated on 11 March, 2010. interviewed World Plumbing Council chairman, Robert Burgon to find out what it’s all about.
Thailand gets WPC treatment Thailand gets WPC treatment
11 Feb 2010
Danish Plumbing teacher Benny Wielandt, who won the 2008 WPC Lecturers’/Trainers’ Scholarship, has now submitted the report of his Scholarship visit to Thailand which he made in August 2009.
Australian National Plumbing Forum 2010
02 Feb 2010
Readers of are invited to an afternoon of brief informative presentations and lively discussion with plumbing industry colleagues.