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Assisting tomorrow’s plumbers
09 Dec 2012
Rheem has launched a new e-mentoring pilot program for plumbers and gasfitters.
Bad plumbing costs
09 Dec 2012
The lack of licensing in the UK raises some serious issues.
Plumbing: Take it personally Plumbing: Take it personally
11 Nov 2012
Jeff Patchell reports on the recent General Meeting of the World Plumbing Council (WPC) he attended in Brisbane and calls for plumbers to get involved with the WPC.
MaP Testing Expands To List ‘PREMIUM’ Water-Efficient Products
11 Nov 2012
MaP Testing has announced the development of a new PREMIUM label for the highest performing water-efficient products.
Legionella HACCP plan demonstration
11 Nov 2012
The HACCP approach to managing building water systems for Legionella control has been recommended by the World Health Organization since 2007 and is proposed in ASHRAE 188P.
Cluster-scale urban developments with water recycling 'going gang-busters' Cluster-scale urban developments with water recycling 'going gang-busters'
07 Nov 2012
The past decade of sustainability, monitoring, research and innovation in Australia's on-site water treatment industry was summed up recently by CQUniversity Senior Research Fellow Ted Gardner.
Grey water reuse in buildings: The Portuguese approach
07 Nov 2012
The Mediterranean climate, which influences a large part of the Portuguese territory, creates specific problems in the management of water resources, whose worsening, in terms of the water balance, is forecast in the short/medium term.
Waterless toilet research
22 Oct 2012
Research sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation aims to look into ways to build a waterless toilet for regions lacking sanitation.
Eliminating resource waste Eliminating resource waste
13 Sep 2012
Presented against the backdrop of a national election that will no doubt shape the future of the construction industry and its products, the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) and the World Plumbing Council (WPC) recently convened the third Emerging Technology Symposium.
Nubian is at the heart of grey water Nubian is at the heart of grey water
11 Sep 2012
Nubian is one of the world's leaders in grey water solutions, following is the company's four keys to grey water management.
50 Shades of Grey Water Plumbing 50 Shades of Grey Water Plumbing
06 Sep 2012 is leading a global exchange of innovative ideas, onsite experiences and best practice when it comes to managing and implementing grey water systems.
Pressure Attenuators - seven years on Pressure Attenuators - seven years on
28 Aug 2012
Pressure Attenuators, introduced by Studor to the market in 2003 and approved for use in Australia in 2005, have revolutionised multi-storey sanitary drainage in Australia.
World Plumbing Council News
28 Aug 2012
Catch up with all the World Plumbing Council news.
Toilets cause damage
28 Aug 2012
A faulty flushing system in toilets in Cincinatti are behind 304 explosions in that city.
Fostering a safer warehouse environment through visual communications
28 Aug 2012
Is your warehouse safe? Not likely, according to OSHA, who cite forklifts, electrical wiring methods and guarding floor and wall openings and holes among the hazards most frequently cited in warehouse operations.