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Fostering a safer warehouse environment through visual communications
28 Aug 2012
Is your warehouse safe? Not likely, according to OSHA, who cite forklifts, electrical wiring methods and guarding floor and wall openings and holes among the hazards most frequently cited in warehouse operations.
Health and plumbing Health and plumbing
26 Jun 2012
To highlight the role plumbing plays in preventing public health hazards, the Plumbing Industry Commission (PIC) has developed a booklet in conjunction with the Department of Health: The role of plumbers in managing current and emerging public hazards. Jonathan Jackson spoke with PIC director Shayne La Combre about the importance of the foundational principles in plumbing.
World Plumbing Day song World Plumbing Day song
26 Jun 2012
World Plumbing day was celebrated in many ways, but in Singapore they took an extremely novel approach, they had a song contest.
World Plumbing Conference India 2013 World Plumbing Conference India 2013
26 Jun 2012
The Indian Plumbing Association (IPA) is all set to play the role of perfect host at the 10th World Plumbing Conference, scheduled to be held in New Delhi on 14 and 15 November 2013.
40 years of Rinnai in Australia 40 years of Rinnai in Australia
26 Jun 2012
After 40 years in Australia, Rinnai is still at the manufacturing forefront of heated gas appliances. Jeff Patchell and Jonathan Jackson spoke with Rinnai Australia managing director Greg Ellis with regard to Rinnai’s market leadership and its gas industry outlook.
Drainline transport of waste Drainline transport of waste
26 Jun 2012
John Koeller, the principal of Koeller and Company offers a comparison between washdown and siphonic toilets.
A revolutionary way to view building and construction Standards
25 May 2012
SAI Global Limited (ASX: SAI) has launched an innovative, mobile tool for visualising where referenced Standards apply in a residential dwelling according to the National Construction Code (NCC).
A life changing opportunity awaits A life changing opportunity awaits
25 May 2012
For Australian volunteer and Adelaide plumber, Richard Peterson, a gap in practical and technical trade skills in Namibia and a life-long goal of improving water and sanitation knowledge in developing nations, led him to volunteer as a vocational education training adviser – general construction.
World Plumbing Council Education and Training Scholarship 2012
21 May 2012
World Plumbing Council chairman GP Russ Chaney recently announced that applications are invited for the World Plumbing Council Education and Training Scholarship 2012, from individuals involved in plumbing industry training who wish to visit another country for the purpose of researching and furthering plumbing training and skills development.
RIP Matthew
21 May 2012
On Friday 11 May, WorldSkills Australia received the tragic news that Matthew Zambrowski, the Hunter Region representative at the recent National Refrigeration Competition, was involved in a motor vehicle collision which regrettably took his life.
Water supply and drainage for buildings
21 May 2012
The International Symposium on Water Supply and Drainage for Buildings will this year be held in Edinburgh, Scotland. The Symposium will be hosted by the Drainage Research Group at Heriot-Watt University, and will run from 28 to 30 August, 2012.
World Plumbing Day recognised in Parliament
25 Mar 2012
World Plumbing Day had impact around the world and was recognised in several Parliaments. Mr Kelvin Thomas, the Member of Willis in Australia had these kind words to say.
World Plumbing Day: The best yet
25 Mar 2012
As March 11 every year, everywhere becomes a significant day supporting plumbing and plumbers around the world, there can be little doubt that the 2012 celebrations of World Plumbing Day proved another great success.
Is there a need for a yellow plumber?
25 Mar 2012
Global research indicates that the world’s reserve of phosphorous is being mined to dangerously low levels. Phosphorous is a vital element which assists in converting the sun's energy and other chemicals, such as nitrogen, into usable food for plant growth. We must therefore find ways to sustain this mineral. Jonathan Jackson speaks with Dena Fam and Kumi Abeysuriya about urine diversion.
World Plumbing Day Twitter Challenge
07 Feb 2012
It is just over a month to World Plumbing Day, March 11, every year, everywhere, and the World Plumbing Council want all their members and and staff on board supporting this day around the World.