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Bariatric care in hospitals 10 February 2009
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“BRDAB recommends provision of a toilet/shower room of at least 45 square feet (4m2) with strategically placed fixtures and a sloping floor to a drain so that the entire room becomes the shower.

“Much remains to be done to ensure adequate bariatric facilities in hospitals, and growing demand will drive the establishment of Standards for the design of equipment and facilities.

“BRDAB convened again in December 2006. The issues of designing for this population go beyond the patient room, and the entire hospital must be considered. The emergency department, ambulatory care settings, imaging departments – all these areas will serve the severely obese patient.

“GBBN is working on a replacement patient care facility for the University of Kentucky Medical Center at Lexington. This facility of 1.2 million square feet (111,000m2) includes 364 new single-patient rooms and it is being designed to accommodate severely obese patients.”

Manufacturers respond

Manufacturers of bathroom fixtures are coming to recognize the importance of the bariatric market and its growth projections.

Willoughby Industries, a leading manufacturer of stainless steel products for the commercial and security plumbing markets, has released a line of stainless steel bariatric toilets.

Spokesman Kris Bontreger says Willoughby took its experience as the largest manufacturer of stainless steel correctional plumbing fixtures in the US and applied it to the health-care market.

“The stainless steel construction provides a 2000 pound (907kg) load-bearing capacity, and the extra-wide plastic toilet seat is rated for 1200 pounds (544kg), which greatly exceeds the limitations of conventional vitreous china toilets.

“The Willoughby 1490B features a white powder-coated finish and is available in floor or wall outlet in a variety of rough-ins. The wall outlet units are designed to fit up to a three or four-bolt standard closet carrier, which makes it an easy replacement for the wall-hung vitreous china toilets in hospitals worldwide.”

In Monterrey, Mexico, following extensive research involving medical professionals and ceramics engineers, the Orion company launched the Maximus toilet for obese people in 2003.

International sales manager Javier Martinez says the reinforced heavy-duty construction and extra-wide base of the Maximus ensures security and stability for users.

“A central aim was to optimize the ergonomic benefits of the Maximus for big people. Because of the size of the sitting area (25 by 24 inches or .6 x .63m) and the height (18.5 inches or .47m) of the Maximus, the center of gravity position allows the user to sit and stand from the unit with ease.

“Maximus is tested to support 2000 pounds (907kg) and comes with a seat and cover constructed of high-performance plastic resins, together with solid brass chrome-finished hinges.”

If a large, strong toilet seat only is required, Big John Toilet Seats in Los Angeles produces a plastic seat that comes with stainless steel hinges and large stabilizing rubber bumpers to keep the seat from shifting and sliding around.

Company president Gary Morgan says Big John seats have been sold to numerous hospitals in the US.

“These bariatric seats are tested to more than 1200 pounds (544kg) and designed to fit round and elongated standard toilets.”

To help with patient hygiene, bidets can be useful additions in hospital bariatric facilities.

Great Ideas in Illinois has developed a toilet seat and bidet combination to relieve the workload on nurses and help patients retain their independence and dignity in the bathroom.

The EZ Warm Wash Solution ComfortSeat bariatric package features an extra-wide heavy-duty toilet seat to support larger users up to 500 pounds (226kg).