Hydraulic Engineering
Water efficiency
S$1.4 million government grant awarded to Grundfos for wastewater treatment R&D S$1.4 million government grant awarded to Grundfos for wastewater treatment R&D
15 Feb 2015
The water margin The water margin
18 Jul 2014
Aquamonitor provides plumbers with an added-value to their service and allows consumers to accurately measure their water consumption. Jonathan Jackson speaks with Andrew Stewart about the need for a water monitoring device in a climate in which attitudes towards water conservation are changing rapidly.
A cool reminder of form and function A cool reminder of form and function
27 May 2013
In March Connection Magazines Jeff Patchell joined more than 200 members of the local plumbing industry to travel to Frankfurt, Germany for the popular bi-annual ISH exhibition.
40 years of Rinnai in Australia 40 years of Rinnai in Australia
26 Jun 2012
After 40 years in Australia, Rinnai is still at the manufacturing forefront of heated gas appliances. Jeff Patchell and Jonathan Jackson spoke with Rinnai Australia managing director Greg Ellis with regard to Rinnai’s market leadership and its gas industry outlook.
Drainline transport of waste Drainline transport of waste
26 Jun 2012
John Koeller, the principal of Koeller and Company offers a comparison between washdown and siphonic toilets.
Is there a need for a yellow plumber?
25 Mar 2012
Global research indicates that the world’s reserve of phosphorous is being mined to dangerously low levels. Phosphorous is a vital element which assists in converting the sun's energy and other chemicals, such as nitrogen, into usable food for plant growth. We must therefore find ways to sustain this mineral. Jonathan Jackson speaks with Dena Fam and Kumi Abeysuriya about urine diversion.
Toilets at the Gates
02 Aug 2011
Bill Gates has set his attention to revolutionising the humble toilet in a bid to tackle disease epidemics.
Canadian energy rebates
02 Aug 2011
The Canadian federal government has just released details of the $400 million EcoEnergy Retrofit – Homes program that was revived as part of the 2011 budget delivered in June. The program, which provides up to $5,000 in rebates to Canadian homeowners, is effective as of June 6, 2011 through to March 31, 2012.
The yellow plumber The yellow plumber
23 Nov 2010
As the world’s phosphate reserves continue to deplete, there is an opportunity to capture and reuse human urine as an agricultural fertiliser. Dimi Kyriakou investigates a new research initiative to develop the first urine diverting toilets in Australia.
Methven Evenflow Methven Evenflow
27 Jul 2010
Methven’s new innovation is Evenflo™ technology, which ensures that the water flow delivered, is consistent and prevents fluctuations in water temperature when pressure is unbalanced.
The world's biggest sustainable Expo The world's biggest sustainable Expo
16 Jun 2010
With the theme “Better City, Better Life”, the biggest World Expo in the history ever, is currently taking place in Shanghai, China. The Expo began 1 May and will finish 31 October and will host approximately 70 million people.
Wastewater breakthroughs in China Wastewater breakthroughs in China
15 Jun 2010
Two years ago, scientists from around the world predicted that China would be leading the way in ‘toilet-to-tap” technology. Under the guidance of Professor Siqing Xia of Tongji University, those predictions have come true. Jonathan Jackson spoke with Professor Xia about the implementation of the technology and further research.
World Plumbing Day 2010 World Plumbing Day 2010
23 Feb 2010
The first ever World Plumbing Day is to be celebrated on 11 March, 2010. worldplumbinginfo.com interviewed World Plumbing Council chairman, Robert Burgon to find out what it’s all about.
Plumbing’s response to the Haiti crisis Plumbing’s response to the Haiti crisis
02 Feb 2010
On 12 January 2010, the small island nation of Haiti was rocked by an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0. The tragedy brought to attention the poverty, lack of water and basic sanitation and desolation in which the people of this once popular nation reside.