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Wipes Choking our Sewer Lines Wipes Choking our Sewer Lines
04 Dec 2014
Wipes may be a great cleaning cloth, but flushable wipes could cause more mess than you originally contended with. Plumbing Connection publisher Jeff Patchell finds out just how devastating flushable wipes can be on the sewerage system.
Flushable Wipes... not so Flushable Flushable Wipes... not so Flushable
04 Dec 2014
Manufacturers of wipes have done a great job of convincing consumers about the hygienic benefits of their products; however, those labelled as ‘flushable’ are having devastating effects on sewerage systems across the globe.
Form Following Function Form Following Function
30 Nov 2014
Caroma’s latest bathroom range has been recognised and rewarded with two prestigious design awards. Justin Felix caught up with Dr Steve Cummings to discover more about the successful collaboration between Caroma and Industrial Designer Marc Newson.
Delivering the Modern Bathroom Delivering the Modern Bathroom
11 Sep 2014
Bathrooms are a focal point in many homes, so it is imperative for plumbers to stand out from the competition by delivering a bathroom that goes one step beyond the standard. From products that incorporate technology to those that look a little bit different, Plumbing Connection has highlighted some of the more unique product offerings on the market.
Big John Toilet Seat Big John Toilet Seat
18 Feb 2014
RBA has developed a toilet seat suitable for larger framed and tall/plus size consumers
Hindmarsh Plumbing Celebrates 40 Successful Years in Business Hindmarsh Plumbing Celebrates 40 Successful Years in Business
18 Feb 2014
To commemorate the 40-year milestone, Hindmarsh Plumbing hosted a cocktail function at the National Wine Centre on Thursday the 22nd of August.
Toilets get new ventilation Toilets get new ventilation
27 May 2013
A new technology that removes unwanted odours from the toilet is a potential upsell for plumbers and could put an end to smelly bathrooms forever.
A cool reminder of form and function A cool reminder of form and function
27 May 2013
In March Connection Magazines Jeff Patchell joined more than 200 members of the local plumbing industry to travel to Frankfurt, Germany for the popular bi-annual ISH exhibition.
Bad plumbing costs
09 Dec 2012
The lack of licensing in the UK raises some serious issues.
MaP Testing Expands To List ‘PREMIUM’ Water-Efficient Products
11 Nov 2012
MaP Testing has announced the development of a new PREMIUM label for the highest performing water-efficient products.
Waterless toilet research
22 Oct 2012
Research sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation aims to look into ways to build a waterless toilet for regions lacking sanitation.
Toilets cause damage
28 Aug 2012
A faulty flushing system in toilets in Cincinatti are behind 304 explosions in that city.
Drainline transport of waste Drainline transport of waste
26 Jun 2012
John Koeller, the principal of Koeller and Company offers a comparison between washdown and siphonic toilets.
Is there a need for a yellow plumber?
25 Mar 2012
Global research indicates that the world’s reserve of phosphorous is being mined to dangerously low levels. Phosphorous is a vital element which assists in converting the sun's energy and other chemicals, such as nitrogen, into usable food for plant growth. We must therefore find ways to sustain this mineral. Jonathan Jackson speaks with Dena Fam and Kumi Abeysuriya about urine diversion.