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Siphonic roof systems
Siphonic roof drainage software
03 Aug 2009
With DrainStar(R), the smart design and calculation software for siphonic roof drainage, benefits are double: up to 60% of building costs can be saved, while reducing CO2 emissions at the same time.
New drainage system syphons water New drainage system syphons water
12 Feb 2009
Syfon Systems is finding success in Malaysia with its proprietary Syfonic downpipes featured in high-profile projects throughout the Asia Pacific region.
Siphonic roof drainage Siphonic roof drainage
08 Feb 2009
It is well known how a siphonic system performs when fully primed, but few had questioned what happens under part load.
Engineers share their knowledge Engineers share their knowledge
04 Feb 2009
Great minds may think alike but occasionally one or two can bring something different to the table – as some organizations are discovering through regular knowledge-sharing exercises.